The Scouring Machine is required for all types of 

diamond polishing scaives. It's main aim is

to flatten the polishing surface of the scaife after

it has been polished upon during weeks, sometimes

even months.

We have developped a complete range of scouring 

machines as some types are only suitable for some

types of scaives.

Dry type (emery wheel (SiC))

Only suitable for our Normal and Extra-open scaives. 

2°Wet type (emery wheel)

This machine has been especially develloped in order

to scoure DIS and is equiped with a water tank. 

If needed also our Normal and Extra-open scaives can

be scoured, not suitable for USA600TSS scaives.

Leadwheel type 

This is the typical machine one would choose when only

cast iron scaives have to be reconditioned. Not suitable

for DIS.

4° Combination type (emery- + leadwheel)

This machine is suitable for all of the cast iron scaives

as well as the DIS. Therefore it can be equipped with a

leadwheel as well as with an emery wheel. 


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