1 Ref. LMJ-1

2 Ref. Super-Cut (new type!)

3 Remarks


1 Ref. LMJ-1

The already classic Wittocx Impregnated Scaife Ref. LMJ-1 is especially

recommended for the polishing of hard Australian makeables.

Advantages: fast cutting, better resistance, longer lasting.


Common graintypes are MM and BB,

BB: Big grain (for larger stones, top work, gives a very fast cut for stars etc.),

also known as Bombay's Best

MM: Medium grain (for all kind of work, top & bottom, general use)

(on special request we can also provide FF, very fine grain)


Available in layer width: 30, 35, 40, 45, 60mm


2 Ref. Super-Cut (new type!)

If the LMJ-1 scaives might be too hard for your application, we can now

also offer you our new Wittocx Impregnated Scaife Ref. SUPER-CUT. Tests

proved this new type is also suitable for sawing goods.

Advantages: easy cutting, better smoothing


Available in layer width: 30, 35, 40mm


3 Remarks

Standard DIS have an outside diameter of 310mm, and come with

spindle and flat pulley.

On request we can offer you also:

- scaives with V-pulley

- flat-type scaives, without spindle, and with fixing holes 50mm or 2".

- scaives with outside diameter of 330mm

All DIS are made completely ready for polishing. It is 

however very important (especially for the BB-type) to work the scaife in

during the first few days by polishing only bigger facets.